Monthly Archives: December 2014

Cardiff Recruites New Young Ambassadors


Cardiff”s Silver Young Ambassador Induction Day held on 28th November – The new influx of Silver YA”s throughout Cardiff attended a training day in Cardiff Met University. Selected by their schools the YA training day focused on the roles and characteristics of a Young Ambassador and how these could be utilised to promote the Olympic and Paralympic Values in their schools. Platinum YA and member of the Wales Steering Group, Bradley Bamford gave his time to speak about the opportunities available as a YA and his experiences with the scheme. Six local Gold YA”s were also present and were effective with guiding the discussions and brainstorming ideas with the Silver”s. The team building task which involved building a tower out of only paper and sellotape proved a challenge but with only 20 minutes to complete the task, the Silver YA”s worked together and used their initiative to achieve their goal. This put into practice the characteristics and team skills that YA”s should use upon returning to their schools. The day was concluded with an action planning session full of fantastic ideas to take back to their schools in order to promote sporting events and get even more children hooked on sport for life! Well done to all Cardiff Young Ambassadors!!