Top Tips for Coaching Kids


1) How you coach is more important than what you coach!

– Technical skills are not important at a young age so there is no pressure to learn the ins and outs of the sport. The basics are enough for children! – 2) Enthusiasm is contagious!

– Smile a lot and look interested in the session! If you look interested the children will also be interested and get more from the session.

– Expressing how you feel will create a more exciting environment for the session, for example saying that you”re excited for the next drill or you are looking forward to the session. If you are excited to be there, the children will be too.

3) Measure success by how many kids return to the sessions.

– At grassroots it”s impossible to measure success with medals as the main coaching principles go out the window. The only real way to measure success is by seeing if the children return to your sessions, because this shows that your sessions are ones that the children enjoy and want to participate in.

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