Applying for a Community Chest grant


If you require support or have any questions regarding community chest applications, please contact Sport Cardiff Club Development Officer for more information: Joanna Coates-McGrath Email: Tel: 029 2020 5284
– Maximum Grant you can apply for is £1,500. Expectation for the applicant to contribute the shortfall if the total project costs exceed £1,500

Purpose of Grant:
The Community Chest panel will consider the following questions when reviewing community chest applications: Is the organisation looking to increase participation?
Is the organisation improving standards of existing activity? Does the application indicate how the project will become sustainable? Does the application evidence partnership work?

Who can apply:
Any group that holds an account (be it a Bank, Building Society or Credit Union account), in their organisation’s name. You’ll probably be one of the following:

  • Sports Club or Association
  • Youth Club
  • Community Group
  • Voluntary Organisation
  • Social Enterprise

Who cannot apply:

  • Primary / secondary schools arranging activities for their pupils
  • Individual members of the public
  • Local Authorities
  • Organisations whose proposed project has already started

What can be funded:

  • Projects that deliver increased participation and / or improve standards
  • Additional equipment to support growth in membership or increasing standards
  • Coach education and volunteer development
  • Initial facility hire and coach/instructor costs for up to a maximum of 20 sessions
  • A maximum contribution of £45 towards a First Aid Course
  • A maximum contribution of £40 towards a first aid kit
  • A maximum contribution of £150 towards marketing materials to support promotion of the project

What can NOT be funded:

  • Personal items of equipment or kit
  • Team kit unless in exceptional start up circumstances.
  • Catering and hospitality
  • Medals, certificates and trophies
  • Domestic and foreign tours
  • One-off events with no links to ongoing activities
  • Day-to-day running costs
  • Projects that have already started
  • Projects where the activity takes place outside of Wales
  • Insurance / League fees / affiliation / activities deemed part of the core business of the organisation
  • Projects that are considered to be part of an organisations normal day-to-day running costs
  • Physical activities such as gardening, DIY, environmental improvements, performance dance, or circus skills
  • Maintenance, repair or replacement of current equipment or facilities (however consideration will be given to replace equipment that no longer complies with current legislation)

Affiliation to a National Governing Body of Sport:
Sport Wales recommends that you organisation is affiliated to your National Governing Body of Sport. In the interests of safety, organisations that take part in certain sports must be affiliated to the recognised governing body. For a list of these sports please see the Sport Wales website

Grant Conditions / Restrictions:
Please make sure that you:

  • Have explained clearly in your application form what you are planning to do and why
  • Have ensured that the project start date is correct as we cannot fund any projects that have already started prior to the application deadlines below
  • Are affiliated to the correct National Governing Body of Sport if your sport is a high risk sport
  • If your project contains a fitness element i.e. yoga, pilates etc., are your instructors registered with REPs
  • If you have received support from a Sport Cardiff staff member, please state their name on the application.

Application Deadlines:
January 8th 2019

Applicants will receive notification by email of the outcome of their grant application within one month of the deadline.


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